“An Innocent Abroad” and “Still Innocent Abroad” by David M. Addison

February 5, 2019

David M. Addison looks back on his time as a high school exchange teacher in 1970s Montana as he discusses his books "An Innocent Abroad" and "Still Innocent Abroad", which detail an eventful period of his life as a fish out of water when he swapped his Scottish classroom for the wide open spaces of the United States of America.

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“The Craft of Public Speaking” by Colin M. Barron

January 9, 2019

Colin M. Barron chats about his book "The Craft of Public Speaking", and discusses the skills behind delivering a truly effective public presentation as well as revealing a few handy hints from his many years at the lectern.

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“A Righteously Awesome Eighties Christmas” by Thomas A. Christie

December 12, 2018

Thomas A. Christie discusses his book "A Righteously Awesome Eighties Christmas", a study of festive cinema throughout the 1980s which covers some long-time movie favourites as well as some decidedly offbeat entries in the genre.

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“Tales from the Western Front” by Ed Dixon

November 7, 2018

Ed Dixon talks about his book "Tales from the Western Front", a collection of stories about the people and places that were encountered by the author during more than three decades of visiting the First World War battlefields, graveyards, towns and villages of France and Belgium.

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“The Grocer’s Boy” by Robert Murray

October 1, 2018

Robert Murray discusses his book "The Grocer's Boy: A Slice of His Life in 1950s Scotland", an account of his early life in retail as he deals with the trials and tribulations of life behind the counter - and on a delivery bike - in fifties Tayside.

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“Dying Harder” by Colin M. Barron

October 1, 2018

Colin M. Barron chats about "Dying Harder: Action Movies of the 1980s", his book on the subject of the golden age of eighties action cinema which brought about some of the most unforgettable franchises in the genre.

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“The Fearn Bobby” by Ian McNeish

October 1, 2018

Ian McNeish chats about his book "The Fearn Bobby: Reflections from a Life in Scottish Policing", his account of police service in rural and urban Scotland from the 1970s until the turn of the century - a time which was sometimes harrowing, often humorous, but always thought-provoking. [Contains explicit language.]

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Welcome to Extremis Publishing

October 1, 2018

Brother and sister publishing team Julie and Tom Christie introduce the new Extremis Publishing podcast, recorded in the heart of Scotland.

For more information about Extremis Publishing and the books that they publish, please visit their website at: https://www.extremispublishing.com.